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Give your students the advantage they need with a daily reading skills routine. 

What can you do with 15 minutes in the classroom?

✓ Sharpen Pencils

✓ Copy a couple of worksheets

✓Scarf down your lunch

✓ Review ALL the most important Reading Skills

Reviews from REAL Teachers


""Brilliant Resource!"

Brilliant resource. I use it every morning with my Kinders and they are eating it up. So easy to use and change for the next day. A lot of work was put into the resource and it shows. Best purchase this year.
Shannon J.
TpT Customer


Phenomenal! Essential skills are reinforced through a fun and interactive display! I love the cute pictures. I also appreciate the easy set up/color coding system you have to go along with it. Thanks! Also your blog was extremely helpful and it sold me right off the bat!
Anna A.
TpT Customer

""This is Amazing!!!"

This is amazing!!! Everything is so easy to use and it saves me so much time! The students absolutely love it and it is helping them with skills that I was struggling to prep for and find time to squeeze in! This is how we start our day!
TpT Customer

""In a word... BRILLIANT!"

In a word...BRILLIANT!! I can't believe that I haven't seen anything like this before! It is EXACTLY what so many of our students need daily and we have been trying to squeeze it in instead of making it a focus just like our calendar routines! LOVE IT and can't wait to try it out this year!!
Teresa F.
TpT Customer

Available for Kingdergarten & 1st Grade!

Word Works Daily: A Result of Disappointment

The idea for Word Works was the result of a very disheartening experience

I was a brand-new Teacher and had just spent an ENTIRE year teaching my heart out. I was so excited about all that I had accomplished with that wonderful group of kids.

Finally, it t was time to ASSESS their GROWTH in Phonological Awareness and send a report of my findings to my district assessment coordinator. 

I sat down with each student, one by one, and administered our district-chosen assessment that included all of MOST-ESSENTIAL Phonological Awareness skills my students were expected to master. 

I was absolutely DEVASTATED by the result.

My data DIDN'T reflect my passion and vigor.

Over half of my students hadn't reached their benchmark.

I immediately blamed myself.  I did something wrong, but what? I knew that I HAD: 

I truly considered whether I had made the right decision to become a teacher.

Thankfully though, I didn’t give up! I chose instead to REFLECT on my practices and PREPARE to never make the same MISTAKE again. 


With that mindset, it didn’t take long for me to determine a SOLUTION. 

The problem wasn't my ability to teach- It was a Lack of routine!

Of course I had taught, assessed and reviewed all of those skills!  What I hadn’t done was make it a DAILY PRIORITY. 

I thought to myself, "If these skills are that IMPORTANT, I should give my students access to this content EVERY DAY!"

And thus, the concept of Word Works Daily was born and I NEVER had to experience that same disappointment again. 

What does it look like?

Much like the traditional Math-calendar but with Reading content! You’ll meet with your students during morning meeting and quickly and efficiently review: 

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