Teaching Teen Numbers: A FREE Song & Routine your Students will LOVE

Post Promise: Within this post you’ll find a FREE Teen Number writing routine that will help your students master those tricky teen numbers 10 through 19. With the Teen Number Song and the Teen Number Writing Routine download you’ll find at the end of this post, you can implement this fun and simple strategy as soon as today.

Teen Number Video

Tricky Teens: Numbers 10-19

Teen numbers can be very tricky for students in Kindergarten and 1st Grade. (I’ve met many 2nd Graders who hadn’t mastered them yet too.) That is because those numbers considered to be teens (10 through 19) aren’t as consistent as all of the other numbers. They don’t follow the same name patterns when we say them out loud, making them harder for our students to visualize. This is why, when students see the symbols, they aren’t as readily retrieved from their memory.

Take number twelve (12) for instance. Wouldn’t a more appropriate name be Tenty-two? 😜 Sounds silly but that would sure be easier for our kiddos. If a Kindergarten teacher had access to whoever created the english language, I assure you- we would have prevented a lot of confusion! ❤

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How to Teach Teen Number Recognition

Recognizing teen numbers can be tough for our students, but it is essential in leading them to a deeper understanding of other number concepts. Our students need to be able to look at a number 11 and say “eleven” before they can successfully tie that symbol to actual quantities or place value concepts like 10 + 1.

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To help my students get the recognition down, I created a simple teen number writing routine that does the trick in a fun and engaging way. This easy teen number activity incorporates many engagement strategies to help ensure students are fully immersed in learning. They include:

  • Music
  • Singing & Rhythm
  • Kinesthetic Learning (writing along with the song)
  • Game-Like Format (students are challenged to stay along with the song)

See the Routine in Action!

Preparing the Routine: 3 Simple Steps

Make this routine as fluid and no-nonsense as possible. I do it at the same time every day (when students enter for lunch) so they know exactly what to expect. My students store their markers/erasers at their desks and I pass out the writing sheets to each table before they enter from lunch. I have the video already pulled up on the projector with full volume. In all, this routines should take no more than 7-8 minutes from start to cleanup.

Getting this teen number activity prepped is so easy! Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Bookmark the Teen Number Song.

You can find the video in two places: Right here at the beginning of this post (you can bookmark this page to get back to it) OR you can find it here on YOUTUBE. (Click the image to go there.)

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Step 2: Download & Print the Teen Number Routine

In the Teen Number Writing Routine download below, you’ll find there are 2 versions of this activity: black/white or color. I have also made two levels for differentiation: the original that requires students to write it 3 times, and an easier version that only requires students to write the number one time.

Step 3: Organize the Teen Number Routine Materials.

Place into sheet protectors and decide how you will distribute to students each day. Remember, we want this to be a time-saving routine, so let’s make this productive as possible.

Get your FREE Teen Number Routine HERE!

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Here is what you’ll find inside your FREE download.

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If your students aren’t ready for TEEN NUMBERS, try this!

I have a very similar routine that I use prior to Teen Number writing. It is a Number Formation Routine and it is also free. You can find it here: Number Formation Daily Practice

number formation daily practice activity numeral song dr. jean

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