Burnout Buster Series Part 3: Growth

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Welcome back for part three of our burnout buster series! Today, we’re going to use growth to fuel up our jet engines.

But first, I have to tell you something. Teacher, I have something important to say. You, teacher, are a doggone huge, monumental, big deal. 

I am so hurt, because teachers are packing up, putting in their notices and leaving their classrooms, their students, and their careers behind. But here you are my friend, being a big deal with your big girl panties on taking the hard times and pushing through them. 

I am proud of you. Maybe your husband, your best friend, your mom, your children don’t understand the path that you’re on, and the things that you face. But I do. I’m here too.

And friends, we need to realize that we are a big deal. We are doing big things. And I hope in some way that this series is helping you bust the burnout. I come here week after week to remind teachers of just that to remind you of just that. 

Burnout is Going Around

It kills my soul to see the environment that’s going on with teachers right now. In my research for this series, I came across a Facebook group all about opportunities and support for teachers who are leaving their profession. It has thousands of members, all teachers are former teachers who allowed burnout to sneak in, overcome their passion, and convince them that this career is unsustainable and hopeless. 

I don’t buy it. I’m sorry. And I hope you my friend don’t buy into it either. Because all I see in that group and in these horrible posts about negativity and overwhelm, is that these burned out teachers just didn’t have the right answers, the support, and guidance to see the joy they were leaving behind.

But when I see teachers who have burnout, I truly wonder if they are only missing one key ingredient that could have turned that burnout around. A magic pill that could have been the answer.

So today I’m going to share that magic pill with you, the remedy that you may need now or may need in the future when you’re feeling like this profession isn’t what you want in your life. 

If you’ve missed the last two episodes, I fully recommend that you go back there and get clear on what burnout is, how you can find an anchor to get through it, and how to get clear on your why, knowing your purpose for being a teacher. That is undeniably the number one tool you should have in your toolbox to combat burnout. And your why has a direct connection to this magic pill that I’m talking about. So what is that magic pill that can cure your overwhelm? It’s actually more simple than you believe, teacher friend. 

We Have to Change

“We can’t become who we need to be, by remaining what we are.” You know, I’ve never been a big Oprah Winfrey fan, but I know she’s a brilliant woman who has accomplished so much. And I love this quote from her. It taps into my soul and my experience in my life and career as a teacher. 

See, I used to suffer from burnout. I told you, I’m not above it either. I wanted to leave and I felt constant overwhelm, stress, and uncontrollable keep me up at night anxiety. 

It hurts me to share this now, because I’m supposed to be the invincible Burnout Buster, right? I’m supposed to be above all of those feelings, which is why I’m qualified to help you. 

That’s completely wrong. I have to remind myself that I’m qualified to guide and support other teachers, because I have overcome these problems. And I feel passion and undeniable energy when I think about helping teachers overcome it too. I love guiding teachers in turning overwhelm into focus, negativity into action, and anxiety into joy. 

I’m Sharing My Secrets!

So you may be wondering, how did I overcome burnout? And more importantly, how can you repeat the same remedy now or maybe later down the road when stress overcomes you? Well, my friend like I said before, it’s simple. Notice that simple does not mean easy to accomplish. I want you to consider the power of this simple but mighty, almost magical, remedy for this problem that we call burnout. 

I’m going to share this with you so that when you are down in that pit, you can remember to look up and see the light at the top. That light can help you dig yourself out, empower you to pull yourself back up. And yes, you can pull yourself out of it. 

Magic Pill to Cure Burnout = Growth

The magic pill for burnout is simply growth. Personal, passionate, guided growth. You see, just like Oprah said, you can’t stay where you are and expect a different outcome.

We talked about how one definition of burnout is related to jet engines. And how burnout is the moment they quit working because they run out of fuel. You can’t expect that jet to get back to its amazing high altitude filled with sunshine and clouds if you don’t get more fuel. 

Think of teacher passion, contentment and satisfaction as that jet engine. Without fuel, it can’t sustain itself. Teacher, growth and learning can fuel you. It keeps your fire burning and it keeps that passion within you alive. You may be burned out because you forgot to grow in something. 

In all of the busyness of life, and teaching, and managing a classroom, and sometimes after work managing a home, and keeping it clean, and cooking the supper, and helping the kids- oh that wore me out! But yes, in the heat of all that, we forget that our souls crave growth. So the magic comes with the growth, changing, transforming blooming. That sounds a lot like passion, doesn’t it? Remember we said passion is just energy. And energy comes from growth, from mastering something. From doing something well. From seeing changes that benefit you and your students.

How to Use Growth to Bust Burnout

I’m here to help you grow, bloom, to bust burnout. I am proud to say that I help teachers grow in the most important areas of their career so that they can find, restore, or keep their passion fueled, and that jet engine ready to fly. When you listen to the podcast or read this blog, you are making a choice, a small simple one, of course, but a monumental choice to grow. 

How do you use it to continually bust the burnout? Do what I did in that last moment of scrounging around trying to keep going. Grow in the areas that make you love teaching, that bring you joy. Listen to podcasts, read books, take online trainings, and seek knowledge and advice from passionate, talented teachers that you know.

When we grow, the action we take shifts the black of burnout to the bright golden color of possibility. And guess what else? I’d love to offer you an invitation to do just that, to grow. To gather some tools and knowledge that can help you find more joy in teaching. 

Bye, Bye Burnout Webinar

In just a few days, I’ll be hosting a free live training to give you even more tools to fight burnout. Although I’ve worked hard to provide you with actionable strategies here, this experience is even more in depth. And it will give you far greater results just because of the way it’s formatted. More than anything, I am just so excited to be live with the teachers that I love and care for the most. And that is you of course, my friend. 

So if you would like to take this invitation to grow more, to further your joy by saying bye bye to burnout, join me for this free live training. To register for Bye Bye Burnout, three little known secrets to kiss overwhelm goodbye, sign up HERE.

You’ll be able to choose the date and time that is most convenient for you. During this one hour Bye Bye Burnout training, I will cover three little known secrets to help you kiss teacher overwhelm goodbye. This could be that first step that helps you turn that black to golden light. And I’m so excited to share my insight and knowledge with you live. 

I know you’re busy. I know you’re juggling a lot of plates. I have them up in the air too. But I am so grateful that I can set this time aside to grow myself and to share my knowledge and experience with teachers like you. Please share this opportunity with someone who may need it. It can be so powerful and life changing to them. And it would just mean so much to me Teacher friend for you to recommend me to someone that you know. 

You’re Busy, But Don’t Forget Your Growth

I know you already have the magic pill, and you take it pretty often, or you wouldn’t be here in this moment. But let’s use that remedy to our best advantage by growing by learning, expanding and getting even better at what we already love to do. That’s my challenge for you, Teacher. Make 2022 the best year ever by resolving to grow, grow, grow.

I’ve really enjoyed helping you to bust the burnout. Maybe you didn’t need it at this moment. But you have these tools to come back to. Teacher, I hope that you will find the time to join me for Bye Bye Burnout. And please consider joining me live. You are my people and it would mean so much to see you there. 

With that I have four wonderful creatures waiting for Mama to come back to the living room. So I’m going to go, but you know what I always say. Until we meet again, go make a difference, Teacher friend.



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