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Every year, the Easter bunny dyes and paints eggs, wraps chocolates, and makes all that other Easter candy (I’m lookin’ at you, Peeps and jelly beans!) just for primary students to get excited about.

Well, now you don’t have to get left out of the fun, sweet primary teacher friend! With special permission, I’ve helped the Easter bunny stock up a VERY special basket just for YOU! So if you’re looking for some fun activities, low prep to no prep, and ways to relate content in to our students’ fascination with the holiday, I’ve got you covered.

FREEBIE – Easter Coloring Book

Here’s a 10-page coloring book printable download that will have your students reveling in all the pastel egg cuteness their little hearts desire. Plus, it would make a cute gift for a parent or grandparent!

One tip is to use it a page at a time as a collectible for a fun break after your students give you good focus during one of your most important content blocks during the day.

FREEBIE – Easter Activities/Centers for Kindergarten

This product is on my TpT store for free. This ACTIVITY PACK is a 42-page PDF of literacy and math center activities perfect for kindergarten or RTI with first grade. Some of the skills covered are CVC words, rhyming, addition and subtraction, telling time, and pages for the emergent reader.

Word Works – Easter Edition

Did you know that Word Works, my daily phonics routine for kindergarten and first grade, has holiday components? The Easter version contains all the phonics skills our students desperately need, with the same building blocks of routine and engaging graphics and activities, that help make it effective. You can check out the KINDERGARTEN or FIRST GRADE level. If you’d like this sort of routine for every day in your classroom and not just around Easter, there is a bundle package that includes multiple sets of this daily routine as well as many other holiday themed extensions.

Both grade level versions can be completed in about 10 minutes per day, and each includes 10 days of the routine.

Kindergarten skills include:

  • Word Discrimination
  • Rhyming Word Recognition
  • Beginning and Ending Sound Production
  • Phoneme Blending
  • Syllable Segmentation and Deletion
  • And much more!

First grade skills include:

  • Punctuation
  • Beginning, Middle, and Ending Sounds
  • Syllable Slice
  • Phoneme Manipulation
  • Decoding
  • And much more!

Beat the Easter Bunny

If you need a no-prep Easter activity, this spelling word game is for you. It is customizable to ANY WORD LIST, and your kids will be begging to do spelling practice. Don’t believe me? I promise it’s happened, and not just in my class!

This digital file is a routine you can lead on your SmartBoard, ViewSonic, etc. that will have your students loving writing and checking their spelling words. The onscreen Easter bunny races your students to try to fill his Easter basket with eggs faster than they can write their spelling words. There are two options of printable spelling word writing pages, so you can use one sheet for five days, or you can choose one sheet each day.

Beat the Easter Bunny is part of a growing bundle on my TpT site, so until the bundle is finished, you can opt in at a lower price than it will be when completed, and you’ll get the new products for no extra charge. You can check out the single Beat the Easter Bunny, or click on over on my store to preview the bundle.

Easter Bunny Writing Craftivity

If you want to get your students engaged in writing, try the Easter Bunny Writing Craftivity! I put time in to making this craftivity as cute, but simple and easy to manage, as possible. Teacher, I know you don’t have time for a dozen pieces to assemble. This activity is great for kindergarten, first, and second grades.

There are four prompts to choose from, and I’ve included options for different writing lines for the different grade levels. Plus, there’s a first draft tool and a self check tool.

Happy Easter!

Teacher, in the middle of all the plastic eggs and fake grass, I hope you and your students have a wonderful, engaged learning season!