Teaching is a mighty feat.

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I'm a passionate educator, Content Creator and eager learner.

I am currently serving as a 2nd Grade Reading/Writing Teacher. I am a former Kindergarten Teacher who is still very dedicated to creating resources for that age group.  

Among my greatest beliefs as an educator is the idea that I can only improve if I find guidance and inspiration from others in my field.  All of the success I’ve found is the direct result of learning from a great model and recreating my own techniques to chase the same success. 

When great Teachers combine their ideas, talents and experience – we refine our work and our children reap the benefits.  

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RebeccaB Designs Chevron Dividers (17)

Customer Reviews

RebeccaB Designs Chevron Dividers (17)

""Brilliant Resource!"

“Brilliant resource. I use it every morning with my Kinders and they are eating it up. So easy to use and change for the next day. A lot of work was put into the resource and it shows. Best purchase this year.” 

-Sherry J. 

"This is amazing!"

This is amazing! My favorite product ever purchased! I noticed on the Q&A for the bundle that more sets are coming. So excited! I can’t wait to buy the rest!

– Kindergarten Kisses

"5 Stars!!!"

5 STARS!!! I have only been using this for less than a month and it has been amazing watching our students catch on. My goal is always before Christmas to go through learning the letters but this is going to blow that goal right out of the water! Thanks!!!

– Skills4School

"In LOVE!"

In LOVE! I have used this everyday since purchasing and have seen such a great difference. LOVE this so much. Thank you! 

-Chelsea D. 

"..Amazing Investment."

This product is an amazing investment. The kids loved this time of day and I wish I had purchased it sooner in the year! So much growth in phonemic awareness. THANK YOU

-Victoria G. 



This has changed my life! My students’ math fluency is off the charts! They can subitize, do addition and subtraction in their head, and actually use math vocab all because of this daily practice. IT’S PHENOMENAL!


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RebeccaB Designs Chevron Dividers (17)